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Wild Alaskan Company 2023 Review

Wild Alaskan Company Subscription

If you have been looking for a great meat subscription service, you have probably come across Wild Alaskan Company and their salmon subscription.

Salmon is a great source of high-quality protein, so naturally, we had to test out this interesting subscription.

In this article, we are going to review every aspect of the subscription. We’ll show you exactly what comes in the box, how we cooked the fish, and the biggest question of all, how it all tasted.


Wild Alaskan Company Delivery

Let’s start with the packaging and how it well the fish was packaged when it arrived at our doorstep.


Despite how the picture looks, the overall packaging was very good. Our box clearly came all the way from Alaska (looks like a wet fish).

But hey, you can’t fault Wild Alaskan  Company for the condition of the cardboard box after it traverses the country in the hands of tired and overworked delivery people.

What we were most concerned with was the refrigeration. We were getting fish shipped in record heat across the country. We wanted to make sure there was zero chance that the fish was exposed to higher temperatures.

The box was packed full of ice packs.

There was 4X as many ice packs as there were pieces of fish. The salmon itself was all still frozen. A great surprise to find in the box. If only we could find a use for those left over ice packs.

What’s in the box?

The Wild Alaskan Company salmon was packaged quite well. There were two types of salmon in our box, Coho Salmon and Sockeye Salmon.


To be honest, we hadn’t ever had Coho Salmon, and quite frankly didn’t know the difference. Our first thought was whether or not it tasted different than Sockeye Salmon.

We couldn’t really taste a difference. Maybe we don’t have a sophisticated enough palette.

All of the salmon was frozen solid, so we placed it directly into our freezer. We put a couple in  the refrigerator to thaw and prepare in the next day or two.

Recipe for Wild Alaskan Company Salmon

We’ll preface this by saying we are not gourmet chefs by any stretch of the imagination. We keep our ingredients simple and keto friendly.

We seasoned each piece with an Italian seasoning blend and Himalayan sea salt. Then we cut a thick slice of butter to be melted on top as the salmon cooked.

We heated the oven to 400 degrees and baked the salmon for 22 minutes.


How did Wild Alaskan Company Salmon Taste?

The taste of the salmon was fantastic. We were prepared to be fairly lenient in our rating since it was fish that has been shipped. 

But the taste was great. Perhaps better than salmon purchased from the grocery store.

Remember, we kept most of the salmon frozen since we only cooked two pieces initially. You are probably wondering how long the salmon lasted and if it was consistently good.

Yes. We actually forgot we had some frozen and put it in the refrigerator a couple of weeks later.

The result was consistent. The salmon still tasted great

Our Final Evaluation of Wild Alaskan Company

We were extremely pleased with Wild Alaskan’s salmon and we continue to subscribe to their service. In terms of protein intake, it is always best to consume meats that provide high-quality protein and salmon is one of the best.

We give Wild Alaskan 5 stars and highly recommend it as a source of quality protein for your diet.

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